Keçiören Guide

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We investigated the places to visit in the Keçiören’s.
Keçiören, which is one of the most populous districts of Ankara, became the district in 1984.
Keçiören, which is the size of a central Anatolian city, has many attractions to see.

Keçiören Esgergon Castle

This building, which is named after the historic fortress on the banks of the Danube River, is a complex built for the purpose of making Turkish culture and art alive. This is also called the Estergon Turkish Cultural Center. Many details from the center of the castle to the fountain were designed with inspiration from various Turkish works.

Keçiören_estergon Castle

Keçiören Waterfall

It is Turkey’s largest artificial waterfall. You can see this waterfall in the Kalaba neighbourhood at the entrance to the county. At night, the waterfall, illuminated by Rengarek flaring, offers a full visual feast.


Keçiören Cable Car

The cable car, which was opened in 2014, offers four stops and a public transport service. You should try the cable car that offers the opportunity to take a look at Ankara and Keçiören.

Keçiörn_cable car

Keçiören Sea World (aquarium)

The second largest aquarium in Turkey, Sea World Keçiören is one of the places worth seeing. The area, built in a complex form, also includes the Amazon Forest prototype and shopping center. You might be interested to see a combination of various sea creatures and walk in an aquarium.

Keçiören_sea World Aquarium

Keçiören Vineyard Houses

Until recently, the vineyard houses, which are located throughout Keçiören and constitute the district’s Siulet, are now much less. With its green and large gardens and original architecture, Keçiören vineyard houses are one of the places to be seen in Ankara.

Keçiören_vineyard Houses

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