Terms & Conditions

Necipoglu Automotive General Rent Contract Rent Terms & Conditions

Necipoglu Automotive presents either the copy of the exemplified vehicle or another similar one in terms of fuel, gear or segment.

Necipoglu Automotive that rents with the İşbu contract has rented this vehicle which is defined in this contract to the renter whose name and address is mentioned in the contract. The renter states and promises that they accept using this vehicle accordingly to the terms and conditions that are stated in this contract, paying the rental fee and the general rent terms and conditions. By signing this contract, the renter accepts all the responsibilities that are personal and person-originated. All the notices that are made to the address which the renter has stated in the contract will be considered valid.

  1. For all the vehicles, the renter has to have a licence of at least 5 years. The limit for daily rentings is 200 kilometres and the limit for monthly rentings is 4000 kilometres. At the times that the limit is exceeded 0,35 or + vat is taken as payment for every kilometre.
  2. The renter has to comply with the law that is put in force by the highway authority. They are responsible for any expenses caused by a way of vehicle usage that is against the law and the criminal actions or their accessories (a traffic ticket, the said vehicle’s impound and towing and other expenses) that comes with it.
  3. The renting can be made for at least 1 day (24 hours). Renting for shorter amounts of time also have the fee of a day. If the day of renting exceeds 2 hours after 24 hours, a full day’s payment is taken.
  4. The users of the vehicles have to submit their drivers’ licences and their useable credit cards at the beginning of the renting. There is a necessity for two credit cards when it comes to upper-class
  5. The payments are made via a valid credit card or cash at the beginning of the renting.
  6. The terms and conditions for cancellations or returns:

If you inform us about your cancellation request on the date that you have made your reservation, the total amount that you have paid will be returned back to your card. Our practices for your other cancellations are as follows:

  • In the case of remaining less than 24 hours to the taking time of your renting or the vehicle not being taken without a cancellation situation, a return is made after a cut in the payment for 3 days of renting is made. The return cannot be made if your reservation is for less then 3 days.
  • If there are more than 24 hours to the taking time of your renting, a return will be made after 50 liras of worth cut is made.
  1. At the beginning of the renting process, a temporary blockage procedure is applied to the credit card of the renter for security and its amount varies depending on the vehicle’s class. The total amounts that are to be blocked will be stated at the provision costs part of the table above. If the renting time is for more than a month, the block amount is the same as the price of monthly renting. The renter accepts beforehand that they will not object to the collecting (over the blockage) of expenses related to renting such as extra rent days’ costs, the lacking of fuel, the damages, traffic fines etc. A fee of 20 (twenty) liras will be applied for every procedure done during the processes related to damage and traffic fines. Since the vehicles have the FPS (Fast Pass System), the renter will make the payment of the pass that they have done to the concerned office after the renting. The renters who use the APS (Automatic Pass System) are responsible to pay for the illegal pass expenses.
  2. In the event of the renter’s request, there is also a sale of Minor Damage Insurance with daily costs that are determined according to the date. The Minor Damage Insurance covers the material damage that is up to the expense determined on the car (except for tire, glass and headlight damages) without needing a customer’s written statement or a police report.
  3. In the event of a damage and/or an accident occurring with the rented vehicle, the renter is responsible for the vehicle’s transmittal to the authorized service in a manner that is safe and will not increase the harm. At the step of the transmitting of the vehicle, the towing expenses will also be covered by the renter if they get help from Necipoglu Automotive offices.
  4. The renter, upon the request of the office, is responsible for handling the below-mentioned:
  5. The rent fee that will be calculated via the number of days the vehicle was used and/or the travelled distance and/or the kilometre fee in the course of the renting, (The travelled distance of the vehicle is determined by checking the speedometer that the manufacturer has placed in the vehicle. In the event of the speedometer failing, the kilometre fee is calculated according to the travel’s distance in the map.)
  6. The insurance expenses over the agreed and stated in the contract amounts and the other expenses,
  • In the event of the vehicle being returned to another office rather than the one that it was received from, a one-way fee that is determined by the office,
  1. Value-added tax and other taxes that will be responsible for,
  2. In the course of the renting, except for the ones that derive from the office’s mistakes, all the fines that will be taken from the renter, another driver or the office such as the ones that drive from parking, violations of the traffic laws or other laws, court expenses, the expenses that might derive from impounding of the vehicle and the expenses that are caused by the days that the vehicle could not be rented,
  3. The expenses of the repairment for the damages that could happen to the vehicle due to collision or rollover, the outgoings of the office and all of the material and moral indemnities that they are responsible to pay for to third parties have to be paid by the renter; but the renter will only be able to benefit from the insurance with the conditions of signing the “accepts” section in the rent contract, paying the automobile insurance exemption limit bounty, using the vehicle in a manner that is suitable to all of the terms an conditions in the contract and completing the processes.
  • For someone other than the renter to use the vehicle, the temporary protection identity document’s and the licence’s information have to be written in the contract at the beginning of the renting and the daily additional driver fees have to be paid. If this rule is violated all the taken insurances will be considered invalid in addition to the renter and all the people that use the vehicle being held responsible for all the damages.
  • At the end of the renting all the missing fuel and the fuels of the vehicles that are to come will be handled in the Necipoglu Automotive offices and its payment will be done with %30 handling fee and the amount of VAT. In addition, if the traffic fine related to the course of renting isn’t paid for by the renters at the end of the renting, it will be paid to the office. Any traffic fines that could not have been detected after the renting and are to come will be collected from the renter’s credit card on the basis of their given consent at the beginning after the information about it is given to them and a handling fee of 20 (twenty) liras will be applied for every procedure.
  1. For acceptances and returnings in a city where there is not any Necipoglu Automotive office, a fee (whose amount per kilometre until the nearest Necipoglu Automotive office is determined by the office) will be applied. In the event of the returning of the vehicle to a Necipoglu Automotive office in another city rather than the one it was rented from, a tariff of one way is applied.
  2. Outgoings the office have caused in the course of collecting the payments required by the renter’s renting contract,
  3. When the payments are made via credit card, the renter cannot object to the credit card slips taken as deposits being collected or being filled suitably according to the renting contracts by the office,
  • The renter accepts without an objection that in the event of a damage happening to the vehicle in one of the situations below-mentioned despite the Standard Insurance policy and the Minor Damage Insurance implemented by Necipoglu Automotive, they will take responsibility on it and on its repairment:
  • If they are under the effects of alcohol or drugs during the accident,
  • If it is stated in the accident report that there is a one-sided fault belonging to the driver (including but not limited to: the vehicles not being used in a speed that is suitable to weather, road, sight, technical quailites and the traffic’s situation),
  • If it is stated in the accident report that there has been a speeding violation and the accident is caused by that reason,
  • If an accident report has not been prepared in one-sided accidents, the statement is deficient in two-sided accidents or alcohol is not mentioned,
  • If the accident was done on purpose,
  • If the vehicle was used with high rotative speed or a similar negligence and if there was any damage done on purpose,
  • If there was any damage caused by the usage of wrong or illegal fuel,
  • If there is, as a result of a blowout; any damage on the rim depending on the driving,
  • If the vehicle is being used in a manner that is against the traffic law,
  • If an illegal driver’s licence is being used,
  • If someone other than the people that were mentioned in the contract engage in the accident,
  • If the insurance companies do not pay the insurance rate as a result of any violations of the conditions that Association of the Insurance and Reinsurance Companies of Turkey set about car insurance policy,
  • If the renter causes any damage to the upper parts of the vehicle (as a result of hitting objects like bridges, balconies, branches, etc.).
  • Any material damages done to third parties/passengers in the vehicle and outgoings for treatment are limited to mandatory traffic insurance in addition to all responsibilities that might occur including moral damages being the renter’s.
  1. The renter is going to make the payments via credit card or cash when it comes to the determined fee which will be done during the vehicle’s delivery and the costs that might occur later on, at the end of the renting.
  2. The vehicle will not be used in the ways below-mentioned:
  3. Passenger/load transportation for open or in secret payment,
  4. Towing/pushing any vehicles,
  • Transportation, holding or any other illegal processes when it comes to substances that are in violation of the law or the customs legislation,
  1. Being under the effect of alcohol (including the use of it under the legal limit i.e. 0-30 promile) and/or drugs,
  2. Motorsports (races, speed, rally, strength, speed tests etc.)
  3. Roads that are closed to traffic or not suited,
  • Carrying load in a way that damages the vehicle or is over its load carrying capacity,
  • The vehicle carrying more number of people than its capacity,
  1. Using the vehicle on roads that aren’t suitable for its technical structure and stamina such as quicksand, fields, stream bed etc.
  2. Someone other than the renter using the vehicle (There is a registration condition beforehand for additional drivers. Putting that, the person that will be driving is not going to be eluded from the responsibilities in the contract in addition to being severally liable with the driver.)
  3. Being out of the country borders,
  • Exceeding the speed limit,
  • The repair cost for the damages that occur as a result of a violation of the rules that are stated in the contract, all the costs and the indemnities that derive from it are to be paid by the renter.
  • In the event of a damage happening to the vehicle given to the renter, the cost of damage tracking in the amount of 5% of the damage is charged.
  1. At the times that the vehicle is not being used by the renter, they are responsible for taking precautions for possible accidents or theft incidents. The renter is to park the vehicle in a safe place without leaving the registration in it and with its doors locked as a precaution. In the event of the vehicle getting stolen, they need to hand over its keys and registration to the nearest Necipoglu Automotive office in 24 hours with the condition of proving that the information on the issue has been given to the authorities. Depending on the said precautions not being taken or picking and stealing, the renter accepts to pay for the vehicle’s cost and the other damages.
  • In the event of passengers or load being carried with the vehicle, only the renter is responsible for any harm or damage that can happen to the passengers or the load.
  • In the event of any accidents that resulted in having material or deadly damages, the renter is to immediately let the police or the relevant departments know about it and send the reports to Necipoglu Automotive office in 24 hours at the latest.
  • The renter or the authorized driver who is above-mentioned in the specification 11-g is insured by the traffic insurance policy. The renter takes on the lawful responsibilities- the amount that is left from the agreed upon indemnity insurance warrant that derive from accidents which harm any third parties. Any material and moral indemnities that are above this amount and their legal responsibilities belong to the renter in addition to the office’s choice on revocation of the renter. The renter will also take the precautions below-mentioned during the renting time to protect the office’s and the renter’s insurance companies’ interests in the event of an accident:
  1. Taking the names of the concerned sides’ and the witnesses’ names and addresses,
  2. Denying the offence so long as the responsibility or the offence is not settled,
  3. Standing by the vehicle before taking enough precautions for security,
  4. In the event of any kind of accidents or damages, making a phone call to the nearest Necipoglu Automotive office; in addition to completing the report of the renter including the necessary schema,
  5. If there is a need for the detection of someone else’s offence or if there are any casualties; letting the nearest police know.
  • The renter will be insured with the condition of them paying the anticipated cost by signing the front page as part of the office’s personal accident insurance policy’s decree and conditions that they agreed upon with their own insurance company.
  1. In the event of the vehicle having a damage that will be reflected on the insurance company, the renter is responsible for delivering the documents and procedures by completing them. The renting contract will continue to process by the daily renting price in the course of the documents and procedures being completed.
  • After the office takes back the vehicle from the renter, they are not responsible for the objects and belongings left inside the vehicle.
  • In the course of renting, the renter has to have the automobile periodically serviced according to the instructions book. In the case of the bills belonging to any processes that will be made within Necipoglu Automotive’s knowledge coming up, the costs will be cut down from the renter’s charge and the rest will be paid to the renter.
  • In the case of the vehicle breaking down, the renter will park the vehicle in a safe manner and immediately inform the nearest Necipoglu Automotive office. The repairment expenses will only be accepted if the Necipoglu Automotive offices had allowed it from before.
  • When the renting expires, the renter will not extend the renting time unilaterally. In the case of the renter wanting to extend the renting time, it will be done with the approval of the office and the renter will comply with the new given vehicle. If the office does not approve of the request to extend time from the renter and in any case the renting time that was stated in the renting contract is about to expire, the renter will deliver the vehicle mentioned in the contract in the day of expiration to the office’s Necipoglu Automotive address or another address that the office will inform the renter about in writing. The renting extensions will remain connected with the renting contract conditions even if the next contract is not signed. The renter accepts and that them not returning the vehicle despite renting being expired constitutes a crime by the criminal law and that they cannot withhold the vehicle outside of is renting time. They accept and state that they know that they cannot benefit from the insurance, assurances and legal rights after the renting has expired and/or during the illegal use of the vehicle.
  • The office will be able to abolish the contract unilaterally with informing the renter via mail, fax, SMS whenever they want to do so.
  • With the use of the vehicles, there will be kilometre limits and in the case of limit violations, chargings will be made at the rates stated in article 1.
  • “The renter accepts, states and guarantees that they know that there is, vehicle tracking system being in the first place but not limited to, systems which help determine their geographical location.”
  • The renter will return and deliver the vehicle, its spare wheel and the belonging documents in the day stated in the contract. For all the extensions, the office will be consulted and received approval from.
  • In the event of the renter giving the rented vehicle or vehicles to another individual or foundation for rental being detected, Necipoglu Automotive reserves the right to demand 3 times of panel payment that they charge for the vehicle in total.
  • In the event of the renter carrying goods or passengers, the office cannot be held responsible from any damages that can be done to the carried goods or the passengers, the responsibility belongs solely to the renter and the driver.
  • In the event of the renter not complying with any of the articles in this contract, particularly not returning the vehicle in time that was settled, they give the office the authorisation to immediately take the vehicle back no matter where it is without needing a prewarning.
  • The renter will make the payments in the course settled according to the bill. In the event of the rent payment not being made, the renter states and accepts that Necipoglu Automotive is authorised to take precaution and cautionary distraint decisions.
  • The renter accepts in advance that the office’s bookkeeping entries and documents are valid and legal evidence.
  • ANKARA central courts and enforcement offices are authorised in solving conflicts that arise from this contract.
  • The renter is obligated with paying Necipoglu Automotive in the course of the 7 days that come after the date which Necipoglu Automotive charges the renting cost. Otherwise Necipoglu Automotive reserves the right to implement %3 interest for late payment.
  • The renter will return and deliver the vehicle in the state which they rented it in the city the vehicle was rented in or in another Necipoglu Automotive office, on the day and time stated at the beginning or earlier upon the office’s request.